Fewster's Farm Jarrah Honey TA30+ 500g

Fewster's Farm Jarrah Honey TA30+ 500g
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Delicious and nutritious, there’s really nothing else quite like it. Fewster’s Farm Jarrah honey is sourced from Eucalyptus marginata trees that grow only in the natural forests in the south-western part of Western Australia. The trees prefer the ancient iron-rich lateritic soils in this region, which absorb rain water during winter, but become very dry during summer. The size of the forests make them free from contamination or pollution from agricultural or industrial activities. The most premium of Fewsters Farm varieties is the Fewsters Farm TA 30+, this honey comes from older and bigger Jarrah trees giving it an extra health boost and that extra strong flavor and texture that Jarrah is becoming famous for. This honey is also perfect for healing, as the honey has the highest level of enzymes.



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