Hydralyte Orange Sachet 10x5g

Hydralyte Orange Sachet 10x5g
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Compact and light to carry, Hydralyte Electrolyte Powder sachets are a family first aid necessity. Each pack comes with a convenient 200 mL measuring cup. Hydralyte Electrolyte Powder Sachets are suitable for the entire family, including babies, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Hydralyte may be taken on the first signs of fluid loss due to vomiting and diarrhoea. Hydralyte may also be taken to help manage dehydration due to the loss of fluids through heavy sweating. This can be caused by a hot or dry environment, fever or strenuous exercise. Hydralyte helps to restore fluid lost as a result of the diuretic effect of alcohol and is best taken before you go to bed.


Mix Hydralyte immediately before required. Fill measuring cup to the (200mL) graduation line with fresh, cold drinking water. (For babies under 6 months it is recommended that freshly boiled and cooled water be used.) Empty contents of one sachet into the measuring cup and stir the mixture until the Hydralyte powder has dissolved. Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist. Discard unused solution after 24 hours. Avoid mixing Hydralyte powder with cordial, fruit juice, soft drink or sports drink as these can interfere with the rehydration process or worsen the dehydration. Age in years / Electrolyte powder dosage Under 12 months: 100 mL every 90 mins 1–3 years: 100 mL every 90 mins 3-6 years: 100 mL every 60 mins 7-12 years: 100 mL every 30 mins Over 12 years: 200 mL every 30 mins


Active ingredients per sachet: Sodium chloride Potassium citrate Anhydrous Citric acid Anhydrous Glucose This product also contains: Orange colour (110), natural flavour and nature identical flavours, sucralose

EAN: 9317039001047

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