Jack N' Jill Bio Toothbrush Unicorn

Jack N' Jill Bio Toothbrush Unicorn
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The Jack and Jill Kids bio toothbrush is an eco friendly choice, with an ergonomic handle made from 100% corn starch. It's got soft, rounded nylon bristles that will gently clean milk teeth and get them sparkling clean. The fun characters on this kids toothbrush help encourage teeth brushing! Any way you dispose of this, you can be sure that these toothbrushes will not be landfill for millions of years to come - unlike many toothbrushes in use today. Why we love the Jack n Jill Kids Toothbrush - Unicorn: Biodegradable handle Soft nylon bristles Made from sustainable non GMO cornstarch Suitable for first teeth Small oval head Recyclable bristles BPA and PVC free


To dispose of your toothbrush, break off the head. Check with your local recycling programme to see if you can recycle the nylon. Place the rest of the toothbrush in your compost. Cornstarch toothbrushes typically take 90 days to break down in a commercial compost. Dentists recommend that you replace your toothbrush every eight weeks or after illness.


Rounded Nylon bristles (SOFT) for superior cleaning Ergonomic handle made from 100% Corn Starch (Non GMO!)

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