Busy Bee X Ecobot

The Plastic Problem

5,250,000,000,0000 pieces of plastic in the ocean

8,300,000,000 tonnes of plastic produced since its invention in the early 1900s

145,700,000L oil used annually in the production, transportation, refrigeration and recycling/disposing of bottled water only in Australia

1,000,000 single-use plastic shopping bags used every minute across the globe

A Zero Waste Future

As the world sinks deeper into a plastic-fuelled crisis, today’s consumers are searching for ways to make a positive change without compromising on convenience or value.

Welcome to the Ecobot’s Zero Waste Future.

A sleek and user-friendly machine to revolutionise the zero waste landscape.

Introducing the Ecobot

An automated self-service zero waste refilling machine for soaps, detergents and other everyday liquid consumables.

All you need to bring is an empty bottle and you can refill your consumables with the touch of a button. Easy and clean.

No mess with dripping taps, no weighing your containers before and after.

The Products

Busy Bee Pharmacy has teamed up with EnviroCare Earth to offer you hassle-free, environmentaly friendly eco products at the push of a button.

All EnviroCare products are plant-based, non-toxic, bio-degradable and contain ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably from the best Australian or International suppliers.

They contain:
NO palm oil, NO silicones, NO sulphates, NO synthetic fragrances, NO propylene glycol, mineral oils or EDTA, NO parabens or harsh petro chemical derived ingredients.

With the initial roll-out you will be able to refill following products at our Northbridge flagship store:

- EnviroCare Body Wash
- EnviroCare Body Wash Sensitive
- EnviroCare Hand Wash
- EnviroCare Hand Wash Sensitive
- EnviroClean Dish Washing Liquid Lemon-Lime
- EnviroClean Laudry Liquid Front- ant Top-Loader
- EnviroClean Vigor All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
- Melrose Castile Soap Lavender

Our Mission

Empower customers to adopt a greener lifestyle by providing a fast and convenient zero waste solution to buying everyday household products

Shine a spotlight on our global plastic pollution crisis

Support businesses through zero waste technology and innovation