Extraordinary Foods Pimp My Salad Vegan Coconut Bacon 15g

Extraordinary Foods Pimp My Salad Vegan Coconut Bacon 15g
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Coconut bacon pocket size - ready to go. Take it with you for a lunch break, snack it on the beach, on a road trip or a hiking adventure. Anywhere, anytime add a sachet to your meal and take it to the next level - as simple as that. Coconut bacon is an amazing snack and vegan bacon alternative. This slowly dried, vegan, gluten-free snack is a great and healthy substitute for bacon. Perfect on its own or sprinkled on your favorite foods such as sandwiches, salads, pasta, potatoes, veggies and more. Slowly dried and never baked. We dehydrate all our products at 46°C for 16-24 hours, so all nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are preserved. This is alive food, the seeds are soaked (activated) and sprouted to help digestion and to activate enzymes. Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free, Paleo, Good Fats, High Fiber



Coconut flakes (80%), Tamari (filtered water, soybeans, sea salt), evaporated coconut nectar, cumin, sweet Spanish paprika, thyme, natural wood smoke, Himalayan pink salt.

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