Oriental Botanicals Cystitum 60 Tab

Oriental Botanicals Cystitum 60 Tab
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Oriental Botanicals Cystitum contains cranberry to help reduce the frequency of medically diagnosed cystitis in women. Plus, alisma traditionally used to help relieve its symptoms in women, in a pattern called bladder damp-heat in Chinese medicine. Features and benefits Oriental Botanicals Cystitum contains: Cranberry to help reduce the occurrence of medically diagnosed cystitis in women Alisma, traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms of medically diagnosed cystitis by clearing damp heat in the bladder, helping to relieve burning sensation while urinating in the pattern of bladder damp-heat Couch grass to relieve inflammation, soothe irritated tissues and help flush out the urinary tract, based on its traditional use in in Western herbal medicine Chinese herbs phellodendron and pyrrosia and the Ayurvedic herb crateva How it works Cranberry helps reduce the frequency of medically diagnosed cystitis in women It’s estimated that three in ten women will experience at least one bout of cystitis in their lifetimes. Recurrence of the infection is common, with around a quarter of women who experience a cystitis infection also experiencing a second cystitis episode within six months of the first.1 Oriental Botanicals Cystitum contains cranberry, which helps reduce the occurrence of medically diagnosed cystitis in women. Couch grass: traditionally used to soothe irritated tissues and flush the urinary tract in Western herbal medicine Couch grass (pronounced ‘cooch’) is traditionally used to ease symptoms of medically diagnosed cystitis in Western herbal medicine, where it’s regarded as having anti-inflammatory actions, soothing effects on irritated tissues, and as helping to flush out the urinary tract. The couch grass used in Oriental Botanicals Cystitum is Elymus repens (previously known as Agropyron repens), which is a different species to the plant of the same common name that’s often used for growing lawns. Alisma: traditional relief for medically diagnosed cystitis in Chinese medicine in bladder damp-heat pattern In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) an excess of damp heat in the bladder is believed to cause symptoms likeburning on urination. In TCM, alisma and phellodendron are traditionally used to relieve symptoms of medically diagnosed cystitis in a situation called bladder damp heat pattern. For example, based on its traditional use in TCM, alisma clears damp heat in patterns of bladder damp-heat to relieve the urinary burning of medically diagnosed cystitis; it also supports healthy excretion of urine In Chinese medicine, alisma and pyrrosia are both also traditionally used to support the overall health and function of the urinary tract in the damp-heat bladder pattern.


Adults: Take 2 tablets three times a day, or as professionally prescribed. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.


Each tablet contains powder equiv. to fresh: Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry) fruit 6g (6000mg), Alisma orientale (Alisma) rhizome 1g, Pyrrosia sheareri (Pyrrosia) whole plant 1g, Elymus repens (Couch grass) dry rhizome 500mg, Crateva magna (Crateva) stem bark 500mg. NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, yeast, wheat, gluten, nuts, dairy or animal products. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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